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Bear Artists

From France... Anne-Marie's miniature bears of Bear Couture...
Bear Leigh Made It (c) BEAR LEIGH MADE IT bears by Tracey Madden.  
Bearoness Bears by Louise D.

Beate Bears by Beate Rusch-Nann in Germany.



Elliott's Bears - beautiful handcrafted bruins!


Goldi Bears by Jutta Hermann-Huppertz

Helena Teddybears from Switzerland Helena Teddybears from Switzerland  
Rosi's delightful Hummel Bears!!

"K.M.Bears" by Kerren Morris

Karin Jehle Karin Jehle Bears  
L J Bears L J Bears
  Nutmeg Bears - by Ali in Cheltenham, UK - SO cute!  
Sue Bears Sue Bears: by Sue Weiland
Tatty Teds from New Zealand - by Noreen Rozwadowski  
Wyngarth Bears Wyngarth Bears  


Teddy Bear Resources

The Bear Pile, Dave's Bear Trading Community site.  
Geraldine's of Edinburgh *
Oursement Votre: "The Teddy Bear Search Engine" "Oursement Votre" - "The Teddy Bear Search Engine", the French teddy bear journal, established since January 1997.  
  Signs of Wood Co., Personalized 3 dimensional wood signs for gifts and business. Home of the Arts, Crafts, Hobbies and Handmade items Directory. URL:  
Teddy Bear Directory The Teddy Bear Store Directory: another enormous list of links. Such wonderful sites.  
The Teddy Bears Picnic Ground
The Teddy Bears' Picnic Ground
: a massive link list... just take a look at this!

Teddy UK  
  The Winnie The Pooh Internet Directory
Here you will find links for Winnie The Pooh and His Friends.
Winnie the Pooh and Friends - An Expotition Winnie the Pooh and Friends - An Expotition

World Collectors Net 'the collecting portal'

World Collectors' Net




Crowle Online - this is the website of the village where Hoo Bears are made.... Our Village... Crowle, Worcestershire, UK. *
O & A O & A: THE Currency Converter People


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